Microsoft 365 Implementation for CMMC​

Microsoft Technologies—Our CMMC, DFARS, And ITAR Solutions

Knonix assists federal contractors, manufacturers, and higher education research facilities in meeting the DFARS 7012 compliance standards.
The Level 3 Solution’s implementation includes:

  • Establishing your Microsoft 365 GCC High tenant.
  • Configuring Identity Management in Azure Active Directory.
  • High Exchange Online, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Microsoft 365 GCC.
  • Setting up AvePoint and Azure backup solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment.
  • Using Azure Government Sentinel (SIEM).
  • Configuring Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) in your tenant.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Cloud Security 
  • And much more! 
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Why the DIB Chooses Microsoft 365

Utilizing the security measures provided by Microsoft 365’s Security and Compliance Center is the first step in safeguarding the data you keep there. The Microsoft Secure Score Test, in particular, examines and monitors your Microsoft 365 identities, apps, devices, data, and infrastructure and makes recommendations for changes. You get points if you can:

  • Configure the security measures that are recommended
  • View reports and performing security-related activities
  • Use third-party applications to address suggestions

Data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption are also incorporated into Microsoft 365. Multi-factor authentication, specialized administrator accounts, malware, and ransomware protection are among the DLP technologies. To obtain access to elevated privileges, hackers and cybercriminals frequently target administrator accounts in their assaults. Because of Microsoft 365’s centralized administration approach, all administrators have global credentials, allowing access to every user’s account and information.

DIB set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the Security and Compliance Center to decrease the chance of these powerful accounts being hacked. Keep in mind that for global administrators, MFA is not activated by default.

Knonix’s Implementation offers expert services to deploy the tools and processes required for your organization to become compliant. As a dedicated resource whose primary focus is ensuring the implementation of the plan, we keep the project on schedule and within budget. With our guidance and support, your implementation time is reduced drastically. 

Working with us, your implementation is tailored to meet your information security and regulatory compliance requirements. Our certified professionals quickly on-board and integrate your infrastructure.



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